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Guided Intuitive,
Guiding Women as they Cultivate

Helping you breakthrough stagnancy, doubt, and frustration to make empowered decisions with clarity, insight, & confidence!

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Hi, love!

I'm Cassandra G.

Your favorite Divine Channel, Psychic Medium, and Healer!

I am a Divine Channel, Seer & Medium! I also have a background in psychology. I have Masters degree in counseling psychology and I am trained as a therapist.


I have first-hand experience healing from childhood trauma & a toxic relationship with a person with narcissistic traits. 

I am now in a healthy and happy marriage, together for 7 years and married for 5 with 4 children!


I seamlessly combine my psychic abilities and psychology background to help women breakthrough stagnancy, confusion, doubt, or frustration!

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Clarity. Empowerment. Healing

Work With Me

Breakthrough Sessions

30,60 OR 90 MINUTES | $150-$350

Sometimes we need a little clarity or confirmation on a topic weighing on our heart, our healing journey, or before taking a leap! 


Breakthrough any confusion, doubt, frustration, or stagnancy you may be experiencing! Receive clarity and insight!

This session can consist of a combination of Divine Channeled Messages, Psychic Insight, Mediumship, and Intuitive Coaching.

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