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“Cassandra is a blessing! She truly has a gifted spirit. She was able to provide clarity and affirmation on a number of topics that I have been working on. Also she was able to give tangible steps to move in the right direction for me. She is prayerful and thoughtful in what she's doing and I know that she will continue to provide hope and help to others. Thanks Cassandra!!"


"My session with Cassandra was so on point! She is the sweetest soul. The way in which Cassandra shares her gift is simply amazing to me! As a spiritual teacher she gives you pointers of how to grow in areas where you are struggling, and to move forward towards your best self. We were on the same page the entire session. The things that I was in deep thought about before we started, she already was aware. Cassandra was prepared to focus on it, provide clarity to me give me ways to improve. I hope she continues to hold space for others as a spiritual healer. I will be connecting with her again soon. I really feel blessed to able to be in her energy! I highly recommend her. Book your session, you will not be disappointed!"


“Cassandra is an absolute blessing!! My first session was not only enlightening, but it was also a reassuring light that I didn’t know I needed!!! It truly was an amazing experience to behold!! Sometimes in life we get signs that we are on the right path, direction, journey,  and that is exactly what Cassandra did for me!! The confirmation I received through out our session was truly magical and spiritual! I am truly thankful and grateful to have experience her gifts! Thank you so much for the  beautiful emotional experience ”
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I'm Cassandra G.

Your favorite Psychotherapist & Intuitive Healer!

You shouldn't live life bogged down by unhealed pain or trauma!

I understand the deep heartfelt desire to heal, but not knowing where to start!

As a woman who has healed through trauma and an Intuitive Healer with a masters degree in Counseling Psychology, I am passionate & intentional about guiding and empowering people through healing work!


I seamlessly combine my counseling knowledge, intuitive abilities, and personal experience to provide you with a safe and invigorating space for healing and meaningful change.

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1:1 Breakthrough Chat


You and Me working together via Signal which is a voice/text messaging app.

This retainer is a impactful resource for women who want to do transformational work in a convenient, conversational, yet safe, private, and confidential way!


It allows for you to message me at your leisure and receive real time feedback, channeled guidance, and support in your daily life as you create change & overcome challenges.

If you are interested, complete the form below to see if we are a good fit!


Traditional Therapy

1:1 Traditional Psychotherapy

I offer a warm and non-judgmental space to collaboratively explore, heal and improve your well-being. I create a safe space for you to explore your inner truths and speak them freely in a non-judgmental environment. I am a compassionate and empathetic listener. My therapeutic approach is integrative and uniquely tailored to you and your goals. 


I specialize in narcissistic abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma healing, internal dialogue shifts, generational trauma, self-sabotage, spirituality, life transitions, parenting, women’s issues, postpartum, motherhood, men's issues, self-esteem, and coping skills. I am honored to support you in creating meaningful change and look forward to meeting with you!

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What my clients are saying 
about their experience


"This session just blew my mind. It's like everything that was coming up was in total alignment and Cassandra offered advice on what I could do to bring this into everyday life which gave me so much peace."

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Watch Free

3-Minute Grounding Energy Session

If you've been feeling ungrounded, anxious or disconnected...this FREE 3-minute healing energy session will help you LET GO! Enter your info below to watch instantly and keep forever!

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Shop digital workbooks & gift cards


Dive deeper into my work as a Intuitive Channel! 

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Episode 5

Liv shares what she learned from her session with Cassandra.

Episode 2

Liv discusses motherhood, mediumship & black girl magic with Cassandra.

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