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3,6 & 9 SESSIONS | $750-$2,050

Breakthrough packages are packaged 1:1 sessions for women who are ready to breakthrough stagnancy, self doubt, or destructive patterns and commit to change!


To be the best healed, happy, and confident version of themselves!


In working together, I will guide, support, and empower you! In our journey together you will break through old self beliefs, narratives, and patterns that do not serve you or the version of yourself you envision to be!

Guide. Support. Empower

As result of my own experience, healing childhood trauma & internalized damage from a toxic relationship, I now utilize an eclectic approach to support women in breaking through what is holding them back and cultivate change!

Resulting in improved self talk, confidence within, self love, intuition and an overall renewed sense of self!!

Who it's for

Packages are perfect for you if...

You are tired of feeling disempowered and are ready to create long term healing and transformation!

You refuse to keep repeating the same themes & patterns because you know they are keeping you from the life you desire!

You are ready to recover the piece of yourself that has been lost and reclaim your confidence & joy!

You want to release all that no longer serves you because you are done with carrying pain and trauma from the past

You have the motivation to change, but really want guidance, support, and accountability

This New Chapter of your Life is Yours to Create!

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The details

What's included:

Breakthrough packages are packaged 1:1 sessions for women who are ready to push beyond self imposed limitations or destructive patterns!

60-minute recorded zoom sessions

Private between session support via Voxer

Free copy of my Shadow Work Workbook

Channeled Energy Healing

In Depth Channeled guidance

Practical tools to implement

Resource Referrals if needed

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What to expect

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  Release internalized manipulation to drastically improve your self talk and confidence
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Hey, love!

I'm Cassandra G

Your Spiritual Teacher

I understand how lonely and frustrating it can be when you feel like you have lost your sense of self.

I also know first hand how frustrating it can be to watch yourself repeating the same cycles over and over, and recognizing you are the only one who can change it, but don’t know where to start!


I have transformed my life and have helped other women to release what no longer serves them and feel empowered again!

I know first hand what it takes to put the pieces back together and reclaim my joy!

Ready to transform?

Purchase a package today!



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