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Hi, I'm Cassandra!

 I am a medium and healer. I’ve had the ability to connect with spirit since childhood, but only recently have decided to step into my truth and utilize this gift to help others. I am clairaudient (hear), clairsentient (feel), claircognizant (know), and clairvoyant (see) and this is how I receive messages from spirit during sessions. I hold a Masters in counseling psychology and I am trained as a therapist, I am also certified as a spiritual life coach and Reiki Master. Each of the services I provide are done so with the intention of helping others on their journey. I ask that all information that comes through is done so for your highest good and I look forward to connecting with you! Click here to read some reviews!


What is Spiritual Counseling?

An alternative to traditional therapy, spiritual counseling is a holistic approach to healing. I hold a Masters in Counseling Psychology and I am trained as a therapist, I am also certified as a spiritual life coach. In spiritual counseling sessions I combine my practical experience, intuitive abilities, and divination to aid in bringing clarity to your current circumstances and supporting you on your healing journey.

Feeling stuck? Anxious? Wanting support? Desiring clarity on your healing Journey? Not feeling empowered?

This Spiritual Counseling Healing Package is for you!! I have combined my training as a therapist and my intuitive abilities to help others! Once you purchase this package we will set up your first session with me via Zoom. During this session I utilize a combination of therapeutic techniques and divination. I utilize oracle cards allowing Spirit to guide the conversation, then hold space for you to digest this information and we process it together. When the session is over you will have a clear understanding of what Spirit needed to share and how to move forward.

If you are ready to commit to your healing and create change click here!!  

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