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Clarity Sessions

30, 60, & 90 MINUTES

A Clarity session is a soul reading!

I will provide you with channeled guidance and information that will ultimately help you align to the best version of yourself and breakthrough any confusion, stagnancy, doubt or frustration you may be feeling. You will leave our session with clarity, feeling lighter, and empowered!

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Who it's for

This session is perfect for you if...

You have been feeling confused about your next steps

You would like support and direction in your healing journey 

You are at a crossroads in life and are not sure what steps to take

You want clarity on any topic weighing on your heart 

You have been experiencing stagnancy or self-doubt 

You are overwhelmed with anxiety and doubt not allowing you to hear your inner voice


Some of my fav areas of focus...

Career Clarity


Self Growth/ Healing

Breaking through Self Doubt

Shadow Work

Self Empowerment

Internal Dialogue Shifts

Ancestral Healing

Major Life Transitions

Razzle Dazzle

A session can consist of one or a combo of...

Channeled Divine Guidance

Psychic Insight

Intuitive Coaching



30 Minutes I $150

  • A Specific Question

  • One Area of Focus in Detail

  • Follow up for Returning Clients




60 Minutes I $250


We will...

  • Give you clarity on pressing subjects

  • Provide you with in depth Channeled Guidance

  • Use  any remaining time for follow up Questions


90 Minutes I $350


We Will...

  • Cover Multiple Areas of your Life in Detail

  • Provide you with Channeled Guidance

  • Give you time to process insight received

  • Hold space for conversation about how the messages resonate for you

  • Ensure adequate time for all follow up questions

I am going to speak to your soul and get to the heart of the matter for the for the clarity you need!
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The details

What's included:

All Clarity sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom

Recorded zoom session

Channeled divine guidance

Psychic Insight & Intuitive coaching

Practical tools to implement

Resource referrals if needed

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What to expect

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Clarity around your current circumstances and what may be blocking you

What my clients are saying 
about their sessions

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Hey, love!

I'm Cassandra G

Your Spiritual Teacher

I understand how lonely and frustrating it can be when you feel like you have lost your sense of self.

I also know first hand how frustrating it can be to watch yourself repeating the same cycles over and over, and recognizing you are the only one who can change it, but don’t know where to start!


I have transformed my life and helped other women to live empowered and light hearted no longer bogged down carrying pain and trauma from the past.


I know what it takes to reclaim your power and change your reality!

Ready to transform?

Book your session now!

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